Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager v7

Very unexpectedly, Fujitsu released ScanSnap Manager v7 for 64-bit Macs that supports older scanners.
I heard about it
here. My S510M is many years old - if I'm not mistaken, I bought it in 2014 - but it still works just fine. Ever since switching to a 64-bit OS, I'd been running a VM of Mavericks (!) in Parallels in order to continue using the native 32-bit version of ScanSnap Manager to run the S510M. This was annoyingly cumbersome, however, as I had to find a way to get scanned documents from the VM to DevonThink Pro, running natively in Mojave.
Only a few weeks earlier, I had spent the money on ExactScan, an excellent software that supports a large number of scanners, including many legacy models no longer supported by their manufacturers.
End of Juliy, Fujitsu released said upgrade and, though they don't guarantee it, my S510M works just fine with it!
So now I'm happily back to scanning from the ScanSnap by just pressing the "scan" button with the document ending up in DevonThink and being OCR'd there. Beautiful!