Gartner-Study: Borderline Rediculous

Here is a new study by Gartner that really gets my goat. Who on earth thought of putting operating systems for different types of equipment into the same study?

Matching MacOS vs. Windows or Android vs. iOS is ok, but what’s the point of throwing them all into the same pot? And: why is Linux missing? Linux is - in one form or another - likely to be the most-used OS anyway.

Most NAS units, plenty of IT-Appliances (Routers, Access Points, Firewalls, etc.), Car Radios, consumer equipment, some Smartphones, etc. run Linux. Had Linux been included, my educated guess would be that it beats all of the named OS’s hands down.

Ah, by the way Gartner, did you forget that both Android and Chrome are based on Linux?

C’mon Gartner, don’t you have better and more intelligent things to do?