Post on Mashable? Only for your firstborn...

Yikes; all I wanted to do is leave a comment on this Mashable article. That you have to sign in is understandable - who wants to read the opinion of an anonymous reader, after all.

But seriously, Mashable, do you really feel it is appropriate to ask for so much just for signing in via Twitter, Facebook or Google+?

For a Facebook signin, Mashable will receive your public profile and your friend list. No thanks.

Really cool is what happens when you sign in with Twitter:

Screenshot 2014-02-26 10.23.18

Wow- “see who you follow and
follow new people”? “Post Tweets for you”???? Are you completely off your rocker? I call that pirating my Twitter account, I don’t know what you would call it!

At least with google+, I was able to reduce the circles Mashable may see to a bare minimum, so I went with that.

The audacity some of these sites bring to the table really gets my goat, folks!