When Camera Roll isn't Camera Roll

There is something I don’t get, maybe you can help me:

iOS 6 brought with it, amongst other things, a massive increase in “sharing” capability. Be that sending pictures via Email, iMessage or Twitter, direct Twitter integration, etc.

Okay, so do this: open the camera app and take a picture. With a tap on the tiny image bottom left (or top left in landscape mode) that represents the last, taken photo:


you can switch to the Camera Roll app to view the photo and perhaps delete it or share it. FULLSTOP. You can’t share the photo from here!

Camera Roll

Hit the home button and go to the Camera Roll app directly, and there it is, the sharing button:


So my question goes out to Apple: why on earth is there no sharing button in the Camera Roll one can open from the camera? At what point in time, dear Apple, do you think most people want to share a photo on their smartphone? I would presume most people are like me - and want to send out the photo immediately.

Having to exit the camera and open Camera Roll separately to do this defeats the ergonomics of a “smart” phone, don’t you think?