Steakhouse Old West, Cala d'Or, Mallorca ****

The restricted street around the harbor in Cala d'Or on Mallorca is plastered with restaurants and bars of all types. One really sticks out, the "Restaurante Old West".
With places like this, it is often a risk to eat there because the place exudes "tourist trap" in every way. The decoration is cool but garish, the waiters wave to you to get your attention, etc. All signals on red. However, we decided to give it a try anyway, because - bizarrely - it seems to be one of only two restaurants advertising Tapas on their menu. The other one is a smallish place flanked in polystyrene tent walls - probably to keep the Wind out. In any case, neither the location nor the view are worth considering on that one, so we went back to the Old West.

While prices are quite high (hey, you're 1st line to the harbor in one of the more expensive places on the island, what do you expect), the food quality is excellent (we had the 3-Tapas-Platter) as is the service. Very friendly and prompt.

People next to us had more traditional fare (burgers, Tex-Mex, etc.) and that looked fantastic as well.

If you're in Cala d'Or and in for American, Tex-Mex or Tapas, this restaurant is a clear winner!