Hotel International am Theater, Münster ***

Stayed: Sept. 2018

The hotel is right across from the theater (nomen est omen) and quite centrally located in the city, despite being more on the rim.
The bed was very comfortable and I don‘t remember ever having a larger television in a hotel room than here. The room seemed to have been renovated recently, everything looked quite modern and new. The bathroom was done up new as well and quite functional despite it being rather small.
Negative aspect here: the windows! These looked like they were from the 70‘s. I wasn‘t able to close them all the way, so they leaked in cold air and noise from outside (of which there was plenty, apparently the street the hotel on - despite being a side street - is quite popular.
It would have been really nice of the staff to turn on the heating, too - I came into a freezing room and was happy to find out that the heating worked quite well.
Breakfast was relatively simple but with plenty of choices of cold foods - no warm food, unfortunately.
All in all the stay - with the exception of the windows which need to be replaced quite desperately - was ok, especially for the price (€80 including breakfast).

Ibis Münster City ***

Stayed: Feb. 2017

The Ibis in Münster is a typical Ibis hotel, which is fine since you know what you're getting (and what you're not getting).

The room was clean, I'd asked the lady at reception for a quiet room and she put me in 512, which faces to the rear (the street in front is medium busy) on the top floor. Thank you for that!
The only complaint I have is that the mattress was unnecessarily hard. Since I'm currently getting over some bruised ribs in my back, the night was not pleasant. Without pain, the bed is serviceable but I would prefer a softer mattress.

There is only one elevator, so during peak times be prepared to wait (or take the stairs).

I didn't have breakfast, as €11 seemed a bit steep, though I don't know what is on offer here. I've had breakfast at Ibis hotels before and never paid that much (nor would the offering have been worth it).

There is a free wifi connection available, albeit a slow one. It was fine for what I needed to get done (emails, calls on Skype) but if you're looking to stream video, you'll need to shell out €6 for the faster option.

The hotel is easily reached on foot from the central train station (5 min. walk) and isn't far from the start of the old city either. There seems to be a parking garage available, but as I was here by train, I can't say anything about it.

All in all a good place to stay in a town that doesn't offer much in hotels (or offers them at rates that make you think you're in a city on the level of London or NYC). I would stay again (once my ribs are back to normal).

Cavete, Münster ****

Located in the "Kuhviertel" (Kreuzstraße 37/38, 48143 Münster), my hopes for an interesting experience were high. Bars and restaurants in this section tend primarily towards students and "Die Carvete" is the oldest student tavern in Münster (run by students). It is a shame I didn't know this, as I found a small table in the front at a window and didn't look at the back section (though tumultuous jabbering could be heard from there). It calls itself the "akademische Bieranstalt" (the academic beer institution).

The menu is actually quite extensive for a tavern and food is - well - student-oriented (meaning very attractively priced and mostly quite simple). Nonetheless, the quality was absolutely ok. They also offer several types of beer as well as wine and other drinks.

The service was friendly and very attentive. The decoration (at least in the section I was in) is extremely interesting and a must-see (I won't give it away).

The only negative thing was the Wifi on offer. It was necessary for me, as Vodafone only offers GPRS here and I had a couple of emails to write. Getting on the Wifi is unnecessarily difficult - you connect and are then directed - very slowly - to a Facebook page, where you have to "take your pants down" (luckily you can tone down the exposition a bit), then you have to like the Tavern and then you are given access. I've never quite experienced an onboarding process quite like this. To make matters worse, the connectivity is unfathomably slow. Sure, you're not supposed to be on your phone while you're here.

So forgetting about the Wifi experience, the Cavete is a place you need to go to if you visit Münster! Be aware, though, that they don't open until 6PM.