Marriott Lisbon ****

Stayed: February 2019

The hotel is very close to the airport (in fact, I saw part of the airport from my hotel room); it took the cab about 10 minutes to get there.

The building itself is actually quite unattractive from the outside, just a blockish-type of 12-story piece of concrete.

The worst part of the hotel is the location - it is on a „traffic island“ right next to a large hospital and across the road from another hospital. Thinking of strolling downtown in the evening? Think again - it is a good 3km away from the beginning of the old part of town. Also, just getting some walking in around the hotel really isn’t much of an option.
To go anywhere, you'll need to catch a cab. Luckily, there is usually a line of them waiting in front of the hotel. And because taking a cab is relatively inexpensive in Lisbon, it isn't much of an issue. The hotel doesn't offer a shuttle bus.

My room was on the 9th floor, facing the six-lane highway. Luckily, the glass to the outside is really good at dampening noise so this wasn't a problem. Oddly, while other main roads in and out of Lisbon are often packed with traffic, the one outside the hotel never was when I looked (which was during peak times in the morning and the evening). The room was clean and quite comfortable as well as being just large enough for one person (it had two double beds in it). It even offered a clothes iron and board, something you rarely have available in a room.

The bathroom showed a bit of age, but not in a bad way. Everything worked fine and was clean.

There are four (fast!) elevators and I never had a wait of more than perhaps a minute.

I had quite a number of meals in the hotel in the four days we were there, as the hotel was venue to a company meeting. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - all the food was fantastic. Well cooked and seasoned as well as a good variety with lots of vegetables and fruit. I have no idea how the pricing was, as everything was paid for by the company. Also, the hotel staff - no matter what position - were all very friendly and helpful.

All in all, a comfortable place to stay. I would award five stars if the hotel was in a different location (closer to downtown or at least closer to places you'd like to stroll or jog through). Keep in mind, though, that I did not see what the room or meals cost…