Schweizer Stubb, Kaiserslautern *

Stayed: March 2018

The hotel is right across the way from a huge shopping center (K-Center) and not so far from the main shopping streets of Kaiserslautern. While that might sound enticing to those not willing to walk far, be warned!
For one thing, the hotel doesn't have an elevator. I was put in a room at the very top, so that meant going up three levels of stairs. This room (number 8) seemed to be straight out of the 80's, with no renovation having taken place whatsoever. A/C is non-existent - I was there when it was cold out, so I can't say anything about how well the place is insolated, but I'm pretty sure it gets mighty warm up there in the summer.
To be fair, everything was very clean. This didn't help the flair of the room or the bathroom any, though. It just screamed "old" at you. The closet was missing a key, so to keep the doors from opening on their own you would have to switch back and forth with the single remaining key between the doors.
The bathroom had a reverse-flush toilet (that were popular back then), so you get to both admire and olfactorily process whatever you leave in it. There are holes in the tiles in many locations, from things that were fixed there previously. The tiles, however, are so hideous that the holes in them actually better their look. Ah, and apparently, some time (likely in the 90's) one of the valves of the tap on the sink had to be replaced. Now, both valves have a red dot, so you can only guess which is cold and which is hot. Tap with a mixer? Nope - not for the sink nor for the shower.
The bed (two single beds on each side of the room) was comfortable enough. Unfortunately, you can't close the drapes all the way, so you get spillage of some massive lighting from across the street (remember: there is a shopping mall there) into the room. If you need complete darkness to sleep properly, you're SOL.
Also, starting around 5:30 AM, delivery trucks start arriving. As the roof beneath the window flattened out, I wasn't able to see the street, but it sounded like they were right below me. Ear plugs are in order here.
Breakfast is simple but nice and the owners offer you different types of eggs to go with your breakfast.
To top things off, there is a price list in a glass case just outside the door to the hotel, advertising a much lower rate than I paid when booking via HRS. That took it from two to one star for me.