Hotel Egon, Hamburg **

Stayed: February, 2020

The hotel is right at the end of the Reeperbahn. If you‘re planing a visit to that section of town, the location is quite good as the exit of the subway is right next to the hotel.
This brings with it a certain clientele on the streets surrounding the hotel that you may not be that happy with - day or night. The uncanny feeling I had was confirmed by a locked, separate security door set up so that smokers can stand outside the hotel without being molested.

The room (161) was pretty small and had a diagonal wall (behind which lay the bathroom) on one side, adding to the constricted feeling. The room was towards the oddly constructed internal courtyard, which means that other room windows are about 3m across from you. Luckily, you can draw a black curtain across the window.

The bed was surprisingly wide - but for two people probably a little too small. It was comfortable. Unfortunately, there were frequent sounds from other rooms and from the hallway to be clearly heard.

The bathroom was clean and the shower had a thermostat, but unfortunately it was blocked off by a shower curtain (which I hate). The bathroom is tiny - don‘t even think about being in here with two people!

The hotel does have a restaurant, but I didn‘t test it, nor did I have breakfast the next day. What really annoyed me, however, was the price tag of €4,50 for a simple bottle of water in the room.

You do get free Wifi that is relatively speedy.

Considering a Motel One room - if it isn‘t booked solid - is usually about the same cost (and much better quality), I would certainly prefer that next time.
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