Top 10% viewed Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn sent me an Email recently, celebrating over 200 million members of the service.
I was also surprised to be told that my profile on LinkedIn is in the top 10% of most viewed profiles for 2012!

A click on the link gave some more detail, including a simple demographics map of “Where members live”.
On this map, only six countries are listed (membercount in parenthesis in millions):

  • USA (74),
  • Canada (7),
  • UK (11),
  • Brazil (11),
  • India (18) and
  • Australia (3)

That leaves over 76 million members unaccounted for, more than in the largest country by membership, the United States. Sure, those 76 million are likely spread over the rest of the planet, with a majority in the EU, but unfortunately, LinkedIn didn’t share that information.

I’d be very interested to find out, for example, how many members live in Germany.

However, it amuses me to find out that while I live in a country that quite likely has many fewer members than English-speaking Australia, for example, my Profile still ranks in the top 10% in popularity. That makes me wonder just how relevant a service like LinkedIn really is...