"Along Came Trouble" by Sherryl Woods

To put it plainly, the book is simple entertainment and nothing more. On the minus side, it is full of coincidences that just don't happen in real life -- without these coincidences, the story would have held fine, but it just wouldn't have been as "cute".

On the plus side, the writing style is very fluid and entertaining, the characters mostly very realistic. The style keeps you going on the next chapter, even though you should have been asleep half an hour ago. It's easy reading, great for lounging by the pool or ocean. Don't expect too much, and you'll be entertained.

This book has a headliner (I believe that's what they call one-line "reviews" from popular newspapers or critics, that are printed on the back cover) that is about a different book by the same author -- which I find totally ridiculous. Had I noticed it before starting to read, I probably would have put the book aside...